Any way to keep a tag from being inherited by future repeats?

I’ve been having a lot of success using timeframe tags, i.e. tagging certain tasks that I want to work on within the next couple of months, or this week, or today, or within the next hour or two. I’m finding that picking my tasks for “today” from the list of tasks previously tagged “this week” is a lot more efficient than the too-complicated daily review process I’d been using previously.

One problem I’m encountering, though, is that I have certain recurring tasks that may or may not be among the most important things I need to do on a given day. The problem occurs when I assign the “today” tag to a recurring task that I want to focus on today, but that may be a lower priority next time it rolls around. I’m finding that having an additional step of removing timeframe tags from these recurring tasks adds a surprising amount of friction to my (evolving) review process. Does anyone have any ideas for keeping these tags from showing up on future iterations of recurring actions, without needing manual adjustments that add further friction?


I’d like to add to this. I have the same issue with the Flag. I’d like certain repeating tags to not be flagged upon repeat.

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