Any way to make a Tag Mandatory?

So, I love the new tags and replaced my contexts with Tags. My main tag is where the task is meant to be. I have two options: Home or Office.

My problem is that I’m forgetting to apply a Home or Office tag and then they aren’t appearing in the Home or Work Perspectives.

I guess I can make a perspective without them, but I just thought there might be a creative way to make a tag mandatory!

Thanks in advance!


Assuming these tasks aren’t getting other tags, you could set your inbox to only clear up when a task has a tag and a project. Personally I’d go the perspective route though :)

Yeah but I want the perspective to be Not Home and Not Office. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see that as an option to NOT a criteria

I think what you want is to set the button for “All” of the following are true to “None.”


Yeah, it’s kind of confusing that OmniFocus doesn’t offer a “None of these tags” condition in its custom perspectives. You need to do something like this instead:

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