Any way to syncronize layouts across Macs?

Hi everyone,
I’ve got OF2 running on a few macs and I’m realizing that (I think) Omnisync does not sync layouts between computers - and by layouts I mean setting up the menu bar at the top of the screen, or the icons that I’ve added along the left side bar. Just wanted to confirm? If this is indeed the case, then I’m going to submit a feature request to Omnigroup on this. There’s no reason (in 2018) that the software should not syncronize settings across macs (especially since we do not have a web version of Omnifocus just yet).

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Hi @scotteeboy! Thanks for using OmniFocus.

You’re correct — OmniFocus doesn’t currently synchronize your app configuration across different computers. In some cases, we think this can be helpful to folks — you may not want the same set of toolbar buttons on your 13” MacBook as your 27” iMac, for example, due to different screen sizes or simply having different workflows.

However, we’d welcome your feature request! It’s always good for us to hear about how different people are using the app. Feel free to email support and let them know.