Any way to update tasks through Shortcuts on iOS?

Updating Reminders or other items through Shortcuts is an absolute breeze and really easy. But OF (3 not 4) doesn’t support updating tasks natively in Shortcuts. I understand this might be doable via Omni’s own Automation but I haven’t the foggiest where to even begin with that.

I think any solution (update a task; delete it and recreate it with new info etc) could work as long as it can be triggered through automation. Does anyone have any suggestions on how; or if it’s even possible? Thanks.

I’m told you can run Omni Automation via Shortcuts. But whether natively or via URL I don’t know.

This might suit you.

I’ve read about Omni Automation in patch notes and seen it in Shortcuts. But since it requires some scripting knowledge, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I didn’t see any examples of updating existing tasks on the Omni Automation site.

Yes, I can confirm you can update tasks via OmniAutomation. I am just starting a trip so I wouldn’t be able to respond for a while. You could start digging and perhaps search some of the scripts I posted for examples.

I looked through, and you’ve done a lot of cool plugins, unlocked2412! But I think most of what I could see went way over my head. I suspect it’s a relatively easy case (for someone well-versed in scripting) to adapt some of them for what I want, but sadly I couldn’t quite manage it. OmniAutomation is really tough for a layman :-/ Thanks for wanting to help though!

Here is an example for you to play with:

The following shortcut adds the string World to the name of a task whose id is g_cSnZ310QA. Change it to suit your needs.


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