Anybody want a "new project" button?

I think it could be a really good thing. Seems to make sense next to “new action.”


no objections to this from me, but is it really needed? any action will automatically become a project once children/sub-actions are added.

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Pointless since everything is just an action. Depending on the (indentation) level of an action it’s either an action, folder, or project. Created actions can be converted to a project using Edit → Convert to Project.

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A (productivity) hack, but you can do this quickly by using these following keyboard sequences:

  1. Press enter
  2. Press Command/+[ (shift {/[ key) to outdent, hence making the action a project.
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By @Zettt definition every button is probably pointless. The fact that included an action button seems to indicate that Omni expects people to push buttons while using the mouse. They might as well allow you to add buttons for various project types as well, and if you find them pointless remove them from your bar.

To clarify: actions don’t become projects by gaining children. They become action groups. Action groups don’t have all the state options that projects do (in particular, they can’t be on hold).


thanks for the clarification. i hadn’t thought it through properly

I guess I don’t see why this is a dumb idea. There is a “new action” button, after all. I think one thing that kept me away from Omnifocus (and on Things) for awhile was the perception that it was just for power users. Having buttons like that make it more user friendly and less intimidating for the average guy.

I think that this would be a great idea on both the Mac and iPad apps.

Yes you can create a new action and add tasks to it, but why take 4 actions when 1 could do the same job.

Great idea! That would make for a more consistent user interface and a clearer model for the user. I have to ask, “why a new action button, but not a new project one?”

Yes, please. This would be a simple, clear and consistent addition. IMO.