Anyone else dislike the shading behind context headings?

This one’s a small issue really, but nevertheless it’s one that has always bugged me with the (otherwise brilliant) OF2 design.

Whenever I use a custom grouping (such as contexts, flagged, etc.) I’m put off by the heavy shading behind the headings. They distract me from the tasks I’m meant to be working on. This is in contrast to the project grouping, which is nice and light.

I’d love it if context (etc.) grouping was displayed without its shaded background. I think it’s better looking, but also easier to use. See the below mockup for a comparison. Anyone else agree?

Current design:

**Proposed design:**

I’m the opposite - I actually prefer the shading as it helps create a visual break up in the list which I find easier to read. I wish the shading was on the Project list!

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i agree with PeterW - the shading aids with following the structure of my lists. it wouldn’ttrouble me if it were an option.