Anyone else wish the Search Bar worked like the Quick Open button?

See title. Every time I use the search button I wish I’d used the Quick Open

Thoughts on this? Am I just using it wrong?

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that might be nice.

But I’m a keyboard jockey and it is just as fast to type Command-O to invoke the Quick Open.

Yes. Frustrates me every time.

Try thinking that Search isn’t Search - it is ‘Filter’

In a perfect world there would be an option in the preferences to have the Search button behave as ‘Search’ or ‘Filter’

I think the Command-O thing has somewhat solved this for me. It strikes me that the distinction is not intuitive, and the search bar should be renamed ‘filter’ as PhilRob suggested

I disagree. The search field should not be renamed. Instead, it should search the entire database like other software programs. The search field in Things is great, the search field in OF sucks. Just my opinion.

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Yeah I agree with that, in fact. In an ideal world the search field should work like Alfred/Launchbar, able to find projects, perspectives, folders and actions/action groups. I’ve never used Things, but isn’t it the case that between Cmd-O and the search bar you have the same functionality?

It sounds like there are two solutions here that are folks are suggesting:

  1. Incorporate some search functionality into Quick Open, similar to Alfred
  2. Add global search capability to the search field, like OmniFocus 2 for iOS (also discussed in this thread)

I’ll add the discussion here to each of those feature requests in our development database, so we can keep your desired use in mind as we plan future updates. If any future readers of this thread would like to add their +1 to either of those feature requests, please send us an email to let us know!


Thanks Aaron!