Anyone open to consulting arrangement to solve two AppleScript issues?

I am not sure if this is an appropriate topic for the Forums, but I have a two AppleScript issues that I am not skilled enough to solve. Will compensate for successful delivery.

The scope of work is generally the following:

  1. Updating Rob Trew “stats” script that worked in OF1 but not OF2. I can provide old AppleScript.

  2. Creating Script to export OF2 tasks (including notes & links to original emails) to OO4, while preserving the OF2 task note original formatting & link to original email). I want to move the notes out of OF2 to OO4 as they look in OF2. Dragging tasks creates a link back to the OF2 DB, which does not work if I remove the old task. I can achieve the result by copying & pasting the notes in each task, but that is cumbersome for the 1k plus notes I have to move out of OF2.

If anyone knows of a good way to go about getting this done, I do appreciate the lead.

Pls reply with contact info to make arrangements.

Many thanks.

I second the rob trew script request. When i run it, it is still grabbing my of 1 data, so i think it is pointing at the old database.

Lizard solved item #1. Pls see the topic “OF2 change database schema? Impact Rob Trew apple scripts”

Pls let me know if anyone is interested in working on #2