Anyone subscribe to the Learn Omnifocus website?


I was wondering if anyone has subscribed to the Learn Omnifocus website and if so, do you feel it’s worth the cost of entry?



It’s going to be difficult to judge its value to another person. I presume you’ve had a browse through the videos and articles available. If some sound as though they’d be useful, you can sign up and if you regret the investment, you can request a refund up to 30 days after your subscription began.

They have some free videos. You can get a pretty good sense of their style and focus from those.

I did a three month subscription with them, since there were a few videos I thought might be helpful. They were. I didn’t see the need for a longer subscription though.

@mikeormerod — Thanks for your interest in the Learn OmniFocus website!

As @vsp mentioned there is free content (articles, videos and webinar recordings) that will give you a good taste of what we offer.

I’ve had a number of workflows guests on Learn OmniFocus LIVE (Kourosh Dini, David Sparks, Joe Buhlig, Shawn Blanc, Johnny Chadda, Fraser Speirs and yours truly)…with more to come. Recordings of all of these sessions are free.

As @nostodnayr pointed out, we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. I also welcome feedback and requests for content.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus

Thanks Tim, I’ll check it out over the holidays :)

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Great. Thanks @mikeormerod!

I did the year subscription when it was on sale but would have paid full price, too. @timstringer does a great job in writing and video walk throughs to guide you. It starts from easing you into learning OmniFocus to to then revealing the full potential over the courses. Very well done and I find that I can come back and pick up something useful from a second reading or viewing.


Oftentimes it will take a second, third, or even fourth viewing to get everything out of OmniFocus. Take each video/lesson slowly and one at a time. You’ll try to be a sponge absorbing as much as you can. You’ll absorb more later when you’ve mastered the basics.


I also did the year-subscription and agree with @Bowsertune, the content is really good. The main reason why I did not continue my subscription is due changes in my personal economy and a question of maturity, to actually implement the good suggestions of workflows and structure that was advised. I´m doing that now and will continue subscribe to the service later this year. @timstringer is doing a great job.