Anyway to have a "Not Due" status filter?

My Next action list has a filter for Due and Flagged, this works fine.

But ALL my other perspectives which I dont use Flagged for, show tasks with a Due Date. I cant find an option to not show tasks with Due Dates.

For example, I have created a 5 Min Perspective to show all 5 min Tasks. I use it to knock off tasks quick when I have 5 minutes. BUT, I don’t want to see tasks with Due Dates because they are set to do in the future. So I don’t need to see them now when I am checking my 5 min perspective to do tasks at that moment (unless they are Due now).

So is there a way to exclude tasks with Due Dates from perspectives? I have tried all manor of combinations but cant seem to get rid of them.


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i believe there’s no “not due” option here.

Have you tried grouping by due date and then collapsing everything but the “not due” group?

Also, have you tried using defer dates for things that are set to do in the future? I use that frequently to get things out of my view that I’m not going to be doing yet.

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No I hadn’t thought of that! I’m grouping by context but for the purpose of the 5 min perspective and another I have for “phone” tasks, I think this may work. I’ll try it, thanks.

Although some perspectives it won’t work. Be great to just filter out tasks due in the future as we don’t need to review them they’re already reviewed.

I haven’t actually looked into Defer dates yet so don’t know what it does compared to due.