App Icon badge counts include calendar events?

Hi folks

As calendar events is usually as urgent as Due Soon and they already displayed on Forecast View, if OF2 could add an option to include calendar events in the badge counts, it can save me from checking another app for the events landing on calendar.

any comment?

Personally, not sure how this would work as how could you say whether you actually completed it or missed your calendar event?

Readdle’s “Calendar 5” could display the remain events as app icon badge counts. It quite helpful.

Current OF’s badge counts only remind us the remain due actions, and no options to count the coming events in.

Those of us who subscribe to the OF Calendar would get duplicate reminders for the same task though.

It seems a bit OTT for me. if you’re working from the Calendar, then OF is your second place to look for things to do.

Can see a kind of logic though.

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