App request for a database manager

Since the demise of Bento, I’ve been looking for a decent database app of the same class as Bento and am still looking.

I’d love to see what the omnigroup could do in this category.


FileMaker seems to be targeted for users who don’t necessarily want to program. I’m currently looking into it myself and it looks very promising.

I’ve checked Bento before and never really cared for it.

FileMaker has a bunch of sample databases and their forums seems to be very helpful from what little I’ve seen.

I highly recommend TapForms as a light-weight alternative to FileMaker. It has a Bento importer and works on iOS platforms. The developer keeps a strong presence to address questions on the forum and via email.


Many thanks for the suggestions.

I have purchased TapForms and have tried FileMaker but for me neither fit comfortably into the price/function niche previously carved out by Bento.

I love the sophisticated approach take by the OmniGroup to other productivity apps and think they could do the same to database management.


Since you mention features to price ratio as your deciding factor, have you considered SQL or MySQL or MySQLite database clients? There are a range of free ones and their features often exceed what you can find in TapForms, Bento, or FM Pro. IOW, they could theoretically have an infinite return on your rating scale.


Thanks for the suggestion.

The learning curve may be a bit steep for me but I’ll have a look-see.


Well, an infinite return on the features / price scale has to come at some real cost elsewhere or we’d be operating in dreamland. :-/