Apple Watch App?


I bought Omnigroup yesterday to use with my watch. I setup projects and have followed a few movies. GTD and have the eBook.

I noticed the watch app sometime becomes unresponsive. You can tap away and nothing happens. Then suddenly it works.

The projects block at the bottom comes on only if the phone app is on and you have opened the project. As soon as you close that item it disappears.

It would be better if the project block remained and allowed to to swipe to change them, Maybe an Apple SDK limitation.

I bought fantastical 2 as well, however like the colour change on circles and dots. This could work well on the watch if more stable.

I setup all my info on my iPad, them have to do a manual sync to my phone and then it syncs to the watch.

It is a huge pity you have to pay another $30 to add extra features after paying $64 for Omnigroup 2.


I have a feeling the stability in the Apple Watch app is mostly an issue with the watch. Personally, I have little success getting anything useful out of mine, outside of as a watch and for notifications.

The block at the bottom of the watch app, though will show a custom perspective if you have OmniFocus Pro. It may not keep a project there because for simplicity as for some, they may not understand why it’s there, or how to change it. Further, most people may not work directly from a single project at all times. If I’m using the watch app, I’m just ticking things off, so my flagged and due items being in view is much more useful. But if you think it should behave as you imagine, contact support to let them know.

I’m not sure if you’re implying that automatic sync is an extra paid feature, but it’s not, you can set up an account on the Omni Sync Server for free and it will automatically sync between your phone and iPad. It’s very handy!

As for paying extra money for extra features, that’s exactly it, extra. OmniFocus is completely functional and useful in the standard edition. Don’t feel pressure that it’s required until you’re certain you’ll get value from it.

I can not see $30 worth of value for the upgrade to pro. Seems like 2 extra features for half the orginal purchase cost. So 50 %. What makes these 2 features worth $30?

If you are a person that heavily relies on custom perspectives, thirty dollars is a drop in the bucket.

If you don’t use custom perspectives, there is no reason to upgrade to pro.

Custom perspectives are view settings that are customised by the user and saved for future use. I have an “on-the-go” custom perspective that focuses on any errands that can be done when I am outside. I also have a custom perspective focuses on work tasks only. This allows me to filter my personal tasks out of the way and lets me concentrate on work stuff only. Then I have a few other tasks that are for special case uses.


Is there a way to defer an item on the watch? You can unflag something and create a new inbox item.