Apple Watch contexts?

Any chance of including this in a future update? I love the idea of using the App to view my tasks really quickly on my wrist (while my phone is in my bag), and I’m sure when watch OS 2 comes out it will happen at a faster speed. I’m using contexts on my phone now and I find it really handy to organize the tasks relavent to the situation/area and would love to use this feature on the apple watch!

We’re definitely excited to look at all the ways we can continue to improve the experience of using OmniFocus on the Apple Watch, and I think contexts are definitely a part of that conversation.

Additionally, we want to know what folks using our software would like to see. Could email us with your thoughts on adding Contexts to the OmniFocus for Apple Watch? This allows us to file and track our customers’ interests, and make sure everyone’s thoughts are considered as we plan future releases. Thanks!