Apple watch feature request: ability to drop task when reminder pops up


when a reminder for a tasks pops up on my apple watch, I’m able to mark the task done, snooze that reminder or simply close it. Regarding my workflow it would be perfect if there was also an option to drop that task, especially when it is an instance of a regularly repeated task.
I use the dropping functionality quite often with tasks that require a kind of logging (to document the dates I really did or skipped those task).
Like the watch reminders work now, I just close those tasks on the watch but have to drop them on the ipad or mac app later on. It would be nice to do this directly on the watch when the reminder appears.

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That’s an interesting idea and I could see how that could be useful.

I encourage you to email The Omni Group with this request by choose Contact Omni from ⚙️ Settings (iPhone or iPad) or the Help menu (Mac).

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