AppleScript Broken? Templates Script Broken

I just updated to OmniFocus 2.7.1 and discovered that the Templates script by Chris Sauve is broken. I can run it but anywhere I use a variable with a list of options (i.e., $var {opt1, opt2, …, optN} ) only presents the first option. I restarted OF and then my Mac but the new behavior persists.

I use this script heavily as I have many projects that I re-use.

Any ideas about what to check or change to make it work again? If not, is there a way to go back to the previous version?

Got help from OmnGroup Technical Support. They confirmed the behavior that I encountered. It is not OmniFocus but the way the AppleScript presents lists that changed with macOS Sierra. The script actually works: scroll in the shortened lists until you see the item that you want to choose. A bit awkward for now (until Apple fixes it) but it works.

Thanks to OG for great support and Sauve for a great script.