AppleScript deferred date query for horizon scanning perspectives


I’ve been experimenting with a couple of horizon-scanning perspectives because of limitations with the Forecast view that have been discussed elsewhere. I’m using lines like

set selectedTasks to every flattened task whose (defer date > windowOpenDate) and (defer date < windowCloseDate) and (completed = false) and (repetition = missing value)

to identify tasks and apply a Tag (e.g. “AvailableTomorrow”) that can be the basis of the perspective

This is working well for tasks that have explicitly-set defer dates, but doesn’t seem to pick up tasks that have “inherited” their defer dates from parent items (in the Inspector they show as “deferred with container”).

Is there any way to modify the AppleScript query to pick these items up too?



OF scripting dictionary shows this property:

effective defer date (date or missing value, r/o) : When the task should become available for action (including inherited).

Excellent thanks so much!

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