Applescript for inbox notifications


Not sure if this is already out there or not, (I haven’t seen anything reviewing the forum)…

My current setup is any time that I receive a specific email in my Gmail account, it forwards to my OmniSync email address and ends up in my inbox. That works great, no problems there…

What I’d like to do is setup an Applescript that will send a Pushover notification via Growl whenever something new appears in my inbox. (I know that OF2 is now Notification Center only now).

The first part of my question for everyone is can this script possibly run in the background, or would OF2 treat it like other scripts that I have and I’d have to run it manually…?

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be extremely interested.



OmniFocus does not have any AppleScript hooks for “when X happens run this script”.

You could use something like cron or launchd to run a script every X minutes to check OmniFocus for new inbox items that match the criteria.

Or you could have the same gmail rule that forwards to Mail Drop also trigger some other thing that causes a growl alert?

Hi lizard,

I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll just setup an IFTTT rule that will shoot a message over to Pushover whenever I receive that email.



I’m just curious to know why you want the notification via Growl instead of Notifications…

Hi @ediventurin,

It’s just so that I can have Growl forward the message to Pushover as a push notification whenever I receive anything new in my OF inbox.

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