AppleScript Properties Change with OF 3?

I often use the Templates AppleScript with OmniFocus. I saw that OF 3 includes a change to make the complete property read only. This change makes sense but it will likely break the script that I use. The script currently only changes the property in this way:

			if completeTheTask is true then
				set its completed to true

How should this code change to use the new ‘mark complete’ command?


Use this …

set theTask to ... -- set the task
if completeTheTask then -- I think you don't need "is true" here
    mark complete theTask



Actually, I cannot get the original script (before this change) to behave as advertised with OF2. That is, the conditional action to mark an action as complete doesn’t seem to work anyway.

I have not used ‘complete’ yet in any of my many templates but I wanted to be sure that the script stays up to date in case it ever becomes handy in the future.