Applescript to flag in Mail and creates message hyperlink (like in Clip-o-tron)

Hello OF community,

I’m asking for help as I’m not very good at Applescript (which is to say I’m terrible). If there is anyone that has any ideas on how I could move forward with these two automation goals:

I love the Clip-o-tron functionality. I use flags in Mail to denote contexts (Action or Waiting for Reply). An example workflow that I currently do and would love to optimize -
After sending email to people, I:

  1. Keyboard shortcut in Mail to flag email as “@waiting
  2. Keyboard shortcut to start Clip-o-tron
  3. Edit the string to customize the action

I would like to combine flagging and start Clip-o-tron. Is this possible?

Additionally, I would like to create a script that would create a keyboard shortcut to flag an email in Mail and copy the email as a link that you would see in Clip-o-tron to the clipboard (such as the “Original message” link seen above):

In other words, for this, I would like to be able to add the “Original Message” link to an action’s notes in OF.

Any insights would be great for this n00b. Thanks!