Applying styles to Notes?


I’m using Omni Outliner 5.3.4 on a Mac. I’m another of those people that’s got lots of experience in how to use styles in other apps (InDesign, Apple Pages, MS Word, etc) and am occasionally baffled by how styles work in Omni Outliner. Mostly, I’ve been able to eventually figure it out. But I’ve hit a wall with this one. Sometimes my notes are extensive, and I’d like to break up a note into several paragraphs. I can hit Return and get a “hard return” to bring my cursor all the way back to the left on a new line. But I can’t seem to find any way to create some space between one paragraph and the next. Line height controls distance between all lines, including inside a paragraph. Under “Row”, “Above note” increases the distance between the Note text and the normal Row above it, but doesn’t affect the distance between one Note paragraph and another. It would be so much easier to read if there was some way to adjust that. I can put in an extra Return between paragraphs, but that’s more space than I want. I guess I’m being fussy here, but it seems to me that there are so many controls in the Inspector for spacing, padding, etc it shouldn’t be hard to let the user control this particular aspect. Am I missing something here? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!


There does not seem to be a paragraph spacing setting as other text based apps have.