Archive on IOS for OF3

Are there any plans to create an Archive option on OF 3 for iOS please.

This is the only feature I used to use the macOS version of OF2 for. I have no plans to buy OF3 for Mac as I just don’t use it. But I can foresee the potential for a slowdown on IOS, so maybe Archiving into the Omnisync server?

I would assume since iOS does not currently allow to simply open the archival database file (in case you ever wanted to go through your old tasks), so that might need a lot of underlying work. Also, not everyone uses that server, so I would need to be a universal solution that does not rely on using Omni Sync. Have you mailed it in as a feature request?

Once your database contains enough items which are old enough, the iOS version will allow you to delete them. It’s not ideal if you want to keep all those items as a permanent record, but it should prevent any performance issues.

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