Archive Projects

Is there a way to Archive projects?

There is the option “Move Old Data to Archive” in the file-menu.
This asks you for a date, and then it moves all completed projects out of you main omnifocus database to an archive-file.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to Archive by selecting only certain Projects. We have only the “Move Old Data to Archive” method.

The other way is to kludge the archive process manually. Open your Archive. Drag and drop the Project from your main window to the Archive. This has bugs … the Project may or may not appear where it is supposed to and it may or may not include additional folders that magically appear. Once you have cleaned up behind yourself in the Archive database, you can delete the Project in the main database.

FWIW, I submitted a feature request for a way to archive Projects (or Folders) since a few years back.


I think we should not archive ALL the old projects just because they are old.
I prefer to choose which projects can be archived.
Currently I have to not to use the archiving feature at all, otherwise it confuses me since I cannot find some old important projects.
Why can I be interested in old projects? To duplicate similar projects, for example.

As you may know, this is not possible. It requires a feature change.

Search on the forum. You are not alone here.

You might be better to save such Projects as templates with everything in it not yet completed.