Archiving and the two OmniFocus versions

The latest build restores the Archive feature. As noted in the Release Notes,

You should only ever archive from a single copy of OmniFocus. Once you migrate your archive to OmniFocus 2, avoid archiving in OmniFocus 1. There’s also no way to automatically merge multiple archives; don’t archive in OmniFocus 2 if you’re still using OmniFocus 1 to handle your archive.

If you aren’t sure you understand, please ask questions before using the archive in OmniFocus 2, as fixing problems later will be challenging.


By the way, the first time you try to archive in OmniFocus 2, it will notice that you have no archive, and ask if you have an OmniFocus 1 archive you’d like to copy over.

Also, if you migrate your archive to OF2 and then really really want to go back to using OmniFocus 1 as your primary archive, you can, but you’ll need to manually copy the archive back. Feel free to contact if you need help with this or any other part of moving back to OmniFocus 1.


The migration feature is really, really cool. I now have all my old data (back to early 2008) in just one archive. Great job! Thanks.

I just archived my V2 data. However, Omnifocus did not offer to migrate my old V1 data. What do I need to do?

@menza I believe you’ll want to open both archives side-by-side and drag items from one to the other. (May want to make a safety copy of both before starting in on this.)

If you have any hesitations, please email our Support Humans to coach you through this safely.

That was super helpful as I was looking for this answer in various places and took some serious google digging to find this.

I upgraded from v. 1 to v. 2. I wish to open my archive. I don’t want to archive anything currently; it seems the only way to get OF to ask me if I want to open my v.1 archive is to archive at least one item. Note: I don’t need to use my v. 1 archive in v. 1 ever again.