Archiving database (still searchable)?

So OF2 has asked me to archive to-dos several times now, and I always cancel it away. One of things I used Things2 for, was to be able to search and know when I did things in the past.

If I Archive old to-dos with OF2, do the to-dos disappear completely from the current database or are they still searchable as ‘completed’ to-dos?

I know at the moment you can’t search for notes and other things, but if a global search is added, would global search apply to archived items as well?

At the moment, no – archived items in OmniFocus will no longer appear in search results on your primary database. The way OmniFocus archives completed or dropped items is by moving them to a separate database file on the Mac doing the archiving.

This new database doesn’t sync, so your sync speeds can see some improvement by having to handle fewer items in your primary database; this, however, is why it’s recommended to always archive on the same Mac, so that you only have one archive database (rather than several disjoint archive databases on different Macs).

If you need to search archived items, you can open the archive database in a new OmniFocus window. Use the Open Archive command in the File menu to show your archived items; in that window, you can search your archive just like you might search your regular database.

I hope that helps!

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Right. How much slower does the ‘big’ database get? As in, is it inadvisable to never archive?

That really depends on a bunch of factors, including the number of tasks and projects in your database, as well as the number and size of database attachments you have. If you want to avoid archiving, go ahead and do so; just keep it in mind if you should ever encounter slowdowns.

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