Archiving eMails App

I do not remember if someone from this forum recommended the app MailStewart, but I wanted to pick your brains on this forum if you know of an alternative. The developer for MailStewart keeps charging people $20 for every single upgrade, which is several times a year, and I am getting impatient with it. Any tips will be appreciated!

Although not its primary function, DevonThink has a mail archive function from Apple Mac Mail. Works very well too, and provides nice searchable archive

I was looking into it the other day, but from what I understand DTPO needs to store the databases on the hard drive not on an external hard drive, which is what I need. I will have to check into that though.

I can’t believe the MailStewart developer charges $20 every couple of months for upgrades!? That must be the most expensive app I have ever used.

You can store database on an external drive, but obviously you have to make sure the drive is mounted before you open the database, which may not work well for you

That won’t be a problem for me. I’ll check into it. Thanks.