Are OmniFocus projects visible in the Apple Watch extension? [A: yes]

does anyone know why OmniFocus for Apple Watch doesn’t support projects on the Watch? It only supports contexts, but sometimes the full project would give much more sense.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you’re referring to. Where would you like to see projects on the Apple Watch? At the moment, I can see a project show up in the continuity slot (at the bottom of the main screen in the app) – I simply view that project on my phone, and as the last-viewed thing in my database, it moves to occupy that space.

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Perfectly! My Watch doesn’t arrived yet. So i couldn’t test it by myself, but in the App-Store it sounds like continuity only works with contexts :)

Ah, I see! Well, rest assured that a project (or custom perspective, for Pro users) will show up in the continuity slot just as well as a context.

Sounds great - can’t wait to see it live :)