Are the syncs painfully slow and unable to run concurrently?

I stopped using OmniFocus 1 about two years ago, shifting to Things.

I have spent the past year watching OF2 being developed. It is finally out… I buy the upgrade, and I buy the iPhone2 version.

I’m trying to get things to sync from the old database (about 1,000 items) and it takes about 5 minutes each machine (2 macs, iPad, and iPhone). If one machine is syncing, the others bomb. I’ve spend most of the day fiddling around with this… If this is how OF2 works, I’ll stick with Things - flawless and instantaneous syncing of all my devices. (And I don’t have to read books and watch and re=watch videos to figure out how to use the software).

Chuck Waterfield

Sorry for the trouble here! Our sync servers are under some very heavy load right now – you may be seeing slow and failing syncs on your various devices as a result. We’re working hard to get this resolved.


As @tekl said, if you’re using Omni Sync Server, we’re working on addressing the heavy load.
Regardless of what server you’re using, the first couple syncs after not using the app for a long time might take a while. Subsequent syncs should get much faster. If that’s not happening, it may be easiest to solve one-on-one with a Support Human—you can email


One of the reasons I moved over from 2Do is the sync issue. I’ve found OF1 to be great at sync and have not had any issues with OF2

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