Aren’t there more new features?

In looking at OF2, I note that there are actually very few new features. Forecast is a catchup with the iOS versions. Quick Open is new and appreciated.

Beyond that, however, it is basically a visual clean up. I have no problem with this, and will pay for the upgrade.

But it does worry me that after all these years, we are basically getting the same program with a new look.

I would have thought address book integration, CRM features, tagging, etc all might have a chance at making a V2 release. However, it seems we’re getting none of that.

I just think it’s a bit sad that so much work, effort, and excitement is wrapped up around a program that, in essence, has exactly the same feature set that we have already had for years.

What do others think?

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OF 2 has forecast mode, improved review mode, quick open, and a new GUI. I’m with you: I want to see more new features also. Omni people have repeatedly said that’s coming after 2.0, at which time they will break the current data model. Let’s see. It’s still the best product out there, but I think Omni has gotten the message that the program needs to evolve.


I’m not sad at all. I think a lot of work went in here. Especially with integrating features from the iPad and iPhone. It’s new to the Mac and worth the integration. Not everyone has an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. So features such as forecast and review may sound like old news to previous OF1 for iOS users, it will be a new feature set that is introduced finally to the Mac version.

Some of us were introduced to OmniFocus on a Mac. Then later, we bought the iOS versions based on our perception of the Mac client.

I do like the new workflow for perspectives by using the view option. Creating perspectives is not easily discoverable to a newbie. The new View icon does improve on the ability to discover and create perspectives. That’s certainly helpful because it is amazing to see how many OmniFocus users have never discovered or used perspectives to their full potential.

Oftentimes, a foundation has to be laid out first before Omnigroup can add new features. This is what we’re seeing in version 2.0. Remember the Final Cut Pro X drama? Apple had to lay the foundation with new workflows and a new user interface. Apple took their lumps but kept working on getting FCPX because they had faith in it. I’m impressed with FCPX as it stands now. I didn’t care for it in the beginning but waited it out. The same thing is happening here with OmniFocus 2.0. Let the cement dry and then we can add all those sparkling gadgets and doohickeys…

It’s just a matter of getting OF2 for Mac out the door in June and then get OF2 for iPad shortly thereafter. Then we can get around to seeing version 2.1 and all the exciting possibilities.


I’ve been using OF since it was Kinkless, and own all the app on all three platforms now. I’m not belittling the value of the software - I use it every day and have obviously paid money for each version.

But, essentially, OF2 is still kGTD, with little new added. It’s weird to think that new features would come on a point release, such as 2.1.

Well, I wouldn’t claim there are no (or not enough) new features. For me, the file sync with the iPhone version is a big plus. I’ve been waiting for this.

I think it is important to get the app out the door as soon as possible and as good as possible. Additional features will be added later on.


For me this OF2 for Mac is a big improvement.
However, I expected to be able to edit the location of a context, as is possible in OF2 on the iPad.
Anybody else would like this?

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Seems to me that the new aesthetic is in itself a new feature. That being said, I understand where you are coming from. I personally would really like to see more relationship between Omni apps. Would be really great to be able to have a task in Omnifocus somehow become a detailed list in OmniOutliner (beyond just a link to it).


Address book integration? For what purpose? Delegating? I just assign a delegated task to an agenda context for the person and set it as Waiting.

I don’t know what CRM features I’d want in OmniFocus but generally I’d be wary of me-too capabilities that are intended to mimic another product entirely without the benefit of the things that product does. If I want to use a CRM, I use a CRM. Bolting on sales and marketing-specific widgets to my project and task management system seems like a very specific niche for an already limited-in-scope product. (I’m specifically speaking to the platform compatibility with that.)

Tagging would demand changes to data formats and doesn’t give you anything except tags for the trouble. You can already tag things, so it’s not a feature you’re lacking unless you’re looking for some sort of structured tagging mechanism. Whenever I’ve used software like OmniFocus that offers tagging they end up contributing nothing but lost time and they never once have helped me pick a task to do or know what’s going on any better than a Perspective or @tagging/#tagging in a Note/TaskName/Context/Project name field.


I hear you @Splinky. I think there’s obviously a lot of work that’s gone into this, and what it’s doing is updating the look and feel (long needed) and getting the desktop version caught up to the iOS versions. But I think what you’re taking about are new features at the level of collaboration, or something like that. I"ll be happy to have a new version of OF as soon as I can. I’ll be happy to only have to deal with two different user interfaces (iPad and the iOS look and feel) instead of three. And I’ll be eagerly awaiting larger things that I think will be what really transforms the usefulness of this product.

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It’s nice to be patient and wait for a 3.0 someday, but today’s issues are hear now. I respect the long-term view but need a solution. Looks like I need to invest in a single user CRM tool maybe like Relenta. Perhaps, if the savvy users of OF2 could provide a helpful hints on how to approximate CRM that would be most helpful. Every time I need to make contact, follow-up, attach a note, schedule a followup, make a call, send an email, Getting Things Done says they should be listed, and checked. I just can’t aggregate them around the person. Maybe perspectives could enable a view related to everything around any person. Is that possible? That’s my CRM need; not integrating sales numbers and telephone numbers. This issues was raised 281 days ago and it doesn’t look like anybody is offering solutions. You might not want to imitate some CRM features, but if simple CRM solutions start mimicking you, watch out.

You can save a perspective that has search terms included in it. Use something like #Roland or #Jane to have a perspective geared towards a person.

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