Assign a perspective to the app badge


Would I be alone in wanting the ability to assign the count of items in a perspective (e.g. my ‘Today’ perspective) to the app badge?


This can be done with a custom perspective after purchasing the ‘Pro Upgrade’ in the universal app.

Hi cvd,

I see no way of doing this. I have the pro upgrade on all platforms.


I guess it isn’t technically pulling badge count from a custom perspective, and I’m not sure how you have your ‘Today’ perspective set up, so perhaps it’s different for you, but using this setup for my Today perspective:

Don’t use project hierarchy
Group actions: Due
Sort actions: Due

Status: Due or Flagged
Filter by availability: Remaining
Filter duration: Any Duration
Filter contexts: Remaining

And selecting “Overdue, Due Soon, and Flagged” for my app icon badge allows me to see the number of items that I have listed in my ‘Today’ perspective on the app badge. I guess this won’t work if you’re trying to set up a perspective differently, but it works perfectly for my needs.