Assign a Task ID (or Task Code)

Hello there,

Is there any existing approach to assigning a Tasks ID (or Tasks Code) for each task in a project besides just manually writing it at the title of the task?

I’m looking to implement a functionality a-la JIRA where –let’s say– you have a project:

Project code: API
Project name: Develop REST API for Product X

So then all the tasks in this project would have an auto generated incremental ID like this (Task ID - Task Title):

  • API-1 - Design User Resource Endpoints
  • API-2 - Design Product Resource Endpoints
  • API-3 - Implement oAuth2 Authentication

Any thoughts on how to implement something like this in OF?

Thank you very much!

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Great idea IMHO if this were a feature, especially since there is the issue with the lack of context when only subtasks are shown in a certain perspective.

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