Assign all remaining time of resource to other tasks

Hi folks

I am struggling with how to achieve a certain task.

People on my project have to go on 2 week rotations for support tasks. I want to schedule these 2 week blocks at 30% utilization, and have that factored in to the schedule for the rest of our work. I don’t want to have to manually adjust other tasks to 70% for the person at the time that they are on call, as that doesn’t align up neatly with the boundaries of other tasks, and is in any case defeating the purpose of having automatic scheduling. How do I do this?

Here is a concrete example.

Say I have Alice and Bob.

Alice has a 6 day task A, Bob has a 8 day task B that must follow Alice’s. Each person also has 1 week of on-call duty which consumes about 30% of their time when it is their turn.

Alice is on call in week 1, so for the first five days she can only apply 70% of her time to task A, after which she can apply 100%, so task A is actually going to finish after about 7-8 business days. Then Bob starts task B but he is on call week 2, so again only gets about 2 days of work done on task B in the second half of week 2, and finishes task B around day 16.

I just want to do something like this, and have Omniplan figure out the right durations for tasks A and B:

  • create a on-call task for week 1, with dates locked to week 1, and Alice assigned at 30%
  • create a on-call task for week 2, with dates locked to week 2, and Bob assigned at 30%
  • create a 6 day task A for Alice
  • create an 8 day task B for Bob dependent on task A

How do I do this? The only idea I have come up with so far is to create a separate project for on-call rotations and share the resources, but I’m not sure if that would even work to get the 70/30 balance when on call and 100% when not on call.


@gwheeler It looks like you emailed in about this and Anne added your comments to our open feature request for variable resource efficiency in OmniPlan! Hopefully customizing the individual resources calendars in OmniPlan will allow you to schedule effectively for the time being - we’ll keep your use case in mind as we plan for future OmniPlan development!