Assign color to projects and actions?

Is it possible to assign color to actions in OF3?

i have a perspective with the actions for today. My projects and actions are divided over Work and Personal folders. I would like to setup a filter that all projects and actions in Work are blue, and all my Personal actions are green.

I understand i can make different perspectives Work and Personal (which i did), but i would still like to have one perspective in which i can see both, and easily recognize different contexts.

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The forum contains threads related to this. The short answer is no. Some people use emojis in project and tag names in order to provide more visual cuing.

Thx, (yes should have searched the forum, it just came up when i was writing that other question ;-)).

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I second @teronel. I use emojis to signify work and personal.

There is a way to color the text of tasks.

If you turn on the colored text option, all unavailable tasks are in grey. All due soon tasks appear in yellow. All flagged tasks will appear in orange. All overdue tasks will appear in red.

I think Omni wanted to use colored text to indicate availability, flagged, and due. If we mixed in color for projects, it will get confusing. A work task would be blue but what happens if it is due soon? Would it be a mix of blue + yellow? If a work project is overdue, would the text by styled somehow as blue + red (purple)? That would make for a confusing rainbow of colors in OmniFocus.

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