Assigning project or task search exact text?

When looking at a task in the inbox and trying to type in a project and/or context, is it possible to have the filter/search function for existing projects use exact text instead of make suggestions based on individual letters in sequence? Example: I have a structure that works for me with folder and project title names like “Rick-Work : Company :” with projects related to that company and a catch all “Company actions” for quick, non-project tasks. I also have personal items setup in a similar way “Rick : Rick Actions” for simple single step actions. If I have a project titled “Rxxxixcxxkxxx xxAxcxxxtions” in my list as well, when I type “Rick Actions” it lists:

  1. every “Rick-Work : Company : Company Actions”
  2. every “Rick : _______ Actions”
  3. the example “Rxxxixcxxkxxx xxAxcxxxtions”

I’d really like to type “Rick Actions” and only have items listed with the exact text “Rick Actions”.

Is this possible?

I don’t know of a way to have exact text searching.

Maybe changing the names of your actions and playing around with different word combos so that you can type and get different results. Launch the Dictionary app and check out some different synonyms.

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I typically prefix projects with a code that defines the are of my life/business they relate to.

For example LOF for all of my projects related to Learn OmniFocus. This way I can easily filter the list to only show Learn OmniFocus simply by typing LOF. And I could further refine the list from there by typing additional characters/words.

I also sometimes use Emojis in project names to keep the name compact and visual. For example, including ⓒ in projects related to courses. For convenience, I’ve created TextExpander snippets for emojis I use frequently. For example, I can enter ⓒ by typing “(©”.

I hope this helps!


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