Atom Project Manager

A really nifty feature of OmniFocus would be to integrate “workspaces”. Each project has different programs, apps, browser window/tabs open (you know you have too many tabs open!) and it would be awesome to open all the necessary resources with one click from OmniFocus.

The idea came to me from the Atom Project Manager The extension makes switching between projects and opening projects is a breeze.

Example: a photoshop project. Instead of Photoshop, Finder at the correct directory of your photos, your 5 tabs of google searches, plus Spotify all running all the time, you simply click the project in OmniFocus and all of those windows automatically opens for you. Want to switch to a different project? Click a different one in OmniFocus and it will switch you to the new workspace, with the relevant apps/windows open for that project.

I would tackle this differently. I can use Keyboard Maestro to create a floating palette window on my Mac. This would allow me to automatically open the correct directory, 5 tabs of Google searches, turn on spotify, and go to my omnifocus project.

Keyboard Maestro is a vastly underrated product that would tackle this with ease. Creating a macro is simple even for me!

I think you can do this with Workspaces or Hook or as mentioned KBMaestro

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Thanks guys! Those are all awesome programs I’m going to implement in my workflow. Would be cool to see an integration though, clicking directly from OmniFocus would be awesome.

Pleased I could help. I think you can indeed link to a specific workspace in the workspace app so you could add that link into the OF notes field and click away 👍

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