Attach a contact link to an item?

Is there a way to insert something clickable, I guess into the notes field, that would open up a specific contact in the phone’s address book?

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Hi Matty,
I have the same question

The only thing you could do: Type a phone number. OF recognizes it. And you can click it on your iPhone to establish a call. You just have to remember all the numbers😎

Perhaps @Matty found an answer after a year of waiting already :)

I am not sure what you want to achieve with the contacts, but I presume you want to make a call or something. It would help if @gh.53 specifies a goal.

In iOS you could use Shortcuts. Create one and call it Your_Shortcut_Name

Add actions:

  • Search Contacts (use filters)
  • Retrieve Contact Details (phone number etc.)
  • Optionally add actions

Then paste this into the notes field of an OF task


My original idea was to create an item link of a contact and paste that into the notes field in OF. Then I would be able to jump to the contact and decide whether I want to call or mail that particular contact.
Nevertheless, your solution seems to be a good alternative. I’ll try it out.
Is there a similar solution for macOS?

Flexibits (the people behind Fantastical) have an excellent contacts app for Mac and iOS/iPadOS called Cardhop. Cardhop has a rich feature set that includes the ability to create links to contacts.