Attachments Syncing with Server Repository

Hi! I just recently realized that attachments I put in my Omniplan document don’t get synced to the server repository with the Omniplan document, is that correct? If so is there a quick and dirty solution that other users have done to make it so that the files are synced in some fashion?

So that when I export and publish to the repository my team on the other side will have those files when they open the project?


@z3thon It is not currently possible to embed an attachment within an OmniPlan project, sorry! Adding an attachment to a project creates a link to the original file on your Mac, which means it doesn’t sync with your project. We do have an open feature request for the ability to sync and export files attached to an OmniPlan project - I’ll attach your comment! For the time being, my best suggestion is creating an external sync repository for files related to your project (a shared Dropbox folder, for example).

Got it. I’ll do my best to figure out something like that. Realistically this shouldn’t be too hard to program into OmniPlan though. I just took a look at your files and metadata. Just create an attachments directory inside the OmniPlan package file. When attaching stuff make a copy and then swap the metadata to point to the file inside the OmniPlan package file, no?