Auto defer dates for Project with Sequential Tasks

On planning a project I do not know the due dates for each task. If my project is sequential, I would like to be able to add for each task the Estimated Time then select the Defer Date for the First task and have OF to assign defer dates to all other tasks based on the estimated time for the previous task. What is the point of having the sequential project?

Anyone know if this is possible

@geneos the estimated time only allows for organisational sorting. You can make a perspective that sorts the actions by estimated time. To do what you want would require a script and I’m afraid my scripting abilities aren’t that good.

What is the point of having the sequential project?

The idea is that if the items can only be worked on in a specific order, by setting a project to sequential you will make all items but the very first one unavailable (which means you will only see the very first item in most screens, which helps you focus on actionable items).

I see
Thank you Lars for taking the time to reply.