Auto layout not active?

Hi there,

I’m struggling to get auto-layout to do anything. It I start with a new map made from an “Automatic Layout” template, e.g. “Circles” or “Hierarchical” and then try to change any of the Diagram Layout options, nothing happens. E.G. a new hierarchical layout won’t change the direction the boxes are laid in with any of the options.

I’m actually trying to get this to work for a plan of my own but since I can’t even get it working on the new templates I figure something is generally not going.

Clicking “Lay Out Now” also does nothing.

If I move one of the items in a new map, it stays in it’s new position and won’t move back.

Any thoughts?

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Same problem. Using version 6.4 Pro

Workaround I just discovered. Quit and restart Omnigraffle, reopen document. Then click Layout Now.

Same issue here with version 6.4. The only temporary fix seems to be to Force Quit then program, then reopen the file – but then the bug soon deactivates auto-layout once again.

Auto-layout’s an awesome feature of OmniGraffle. I really hope to see a fix soon. From the symptoms, it seems like a small bug in the code – like an improperly set flag or something similar that could be caught with heavy debug logs, since it’s such a reproducible issue and likely localized to a relatively well-defined region of code.

Edit: With a little more playing around, it seems like it primarily stops working when you switch to a different type of layout. Most likely, the code for the layout process depends on different layout classes – and it just seems like there’s bug specifically in how the layout classes are removed/added to a graph.