Auto-leveling tasks for a single resource concurrently working on multiple tasks

Hi folks,

I’m not sure what i’m asking is possible, but it is how we want to plan for some tasks at my work:

  • single resource, concurrently working on multiple tasks,
  • new tasks may be added along the way (before the existing tasks are completed)
  • some tasks have fixed finish date, whilst other tasks are flexible
  • i want to be able to enter effort, but have variable duration (calculated by OmniPlan as per my auto-levelling requirement below)

i want to be able to auto-level the tasks (not the resources, as there is only one resource!) such that:
=> tasks with no fixed end date will auto-level (i.e., duration extended) so that tasks with fixed end date can be on-time
=> as part of levelling, i can see conflict, that, is, if there are currently multiple tasks with set end dates that are not achievable due to the resource’s available time, i can see this and make adjustments

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated! Cheers.

@crabtreee Is this something you’ve attempted to setup in OmniPlan already? As far as I can tell this type of scheduling should be theoretically possible to achieve via OmniPlan without too much additional setup. For example, OmniPlan always takes start and end constraint dates into account when scheduling, and should always present a violation after leveling if there is a scheduling conflict.

If you’re having trouble with a specific part of this setup please let us know! Our Support team can be reached at or by phone Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm Pacific at 1 (800) 315-6664 or 1 (206) 523-4152.