Auto-move from Inbox to a project based on a syntax/code?

There were similar topics but this is my take on this. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


  1. Adding a task to inbox:
    “Google analytics setup #TCC @2/20”
  2. Run the script (shortcut, button, on open, etc.)
  3. “Google analytics setup #TCC @2/20” is moved to:
    Work > TCC
  4. “Google analytics setup #TCC @2/20” has assigned due on February 20th.
  5. “Google analytics setup #TCC @2/20” task will have the # and @ tags removed.

I’m not looking for someone to write the script, but I would appreciate to suggest some possible solutions I could use. I know applescripting only from the general perspective, but I’m still learning.
It would be great to know what commands I should look into to accomplish this.

Thanks a lot!


Why not use Taskpaper format?

Joe Buhlig’s Auto-Parser script may fit the bill: