Auto-Scheduling with 2 required resources


I have a Task with 2 required resources, i.e. Worker & Machine.
Both resources have their own schedule.
When Auto-leveling is active, the task gets scheduled depending on any of the calendars instead of taking both into account.

Task duration/effort 1hour.
Worker is available 9am-5pm
Machine is available 3pm-5pm.
The Task gets automatically scheduled to 9am, instead of a time between 3pm-5pm, when both are available.

Any hints ?

Has someone clarified this? This is a very basic requirement for a scheduling program–previous forum posts seem to indicate that this feature is not available in OmniPlan, and is being considered a feature request.

If so, I don’t see any alternative but recommending to our IT manager we move to a different scheduling program. Omniplan has great visualizations, but needs to be able to work as a scheduling program.

hi, this works As expected
was a glitch on my side