Auto Sorting Alphabetically - Blank Rows go to the top?

I loved the Keep Auto Sorting in OO3, but now tine OO4, I can’t seem to figure out how to keep the blank lines at the bottom of the list instead of going to the top. If I turn off Keep Sorted, the blanks go the bottom.

Is there a way to keep change this behavior other than just doing manual sorting?



This is a huge problem for me.

I have files where sorting by date is crucial, or by number. Rows without a date rise to the top. This is unintuitive, and different from OO3, different from OmniFocus, different from the Finder, different from every application I checked. I complained about this more than a year ago, and reminded the Omni people periodically. While they are always super-nice, this is not deemed important enough because so few people need to sort. Weird.

So for each file, I have to decide whether I need sorting more than zooming (in which case I use OO3,) or zooming more than sorting (in which case I use OO4.)

I was hoping OO4.2 would have a fix, but apparently not. Oh well.


A few months and a few updates later, this is still not fixed.