Auto-sorting multiple tags

Anyone know if it’d be possible to generate a script to ensure each task’s tags are sorted by their listed order in the Tags perspective?
My logic in asking this is to help OF3 on iOS better collaborate with OF2 for Mac, since I won’t be able to run the Mac version of 3.
I have my tags listed in the order they should be reckoned if a given task were to have more than 1, and I believe the database 2 works with has the information, even if it can’t show it.
If the multiple tags of all tasks were automatically sorted by their Tag order, it’d help extend the usefulness of the version of OF for Mac that I’ll be stuck with for the foreseeable future.

To be clear: this would be a script run on the Mac for OF2. Though, I could imagine some users with 3 who may desire this sort of auto-sorting for other reasons.