Automatic Defer/Due dates

Does anyone know if it is possible to not only have default times for defer/due dates, but actually to have those set automatically? This makes more sense (to me) for the defer date - more often than not I want the defer date to automatically default to today, and it would be nice not to need to click into the defer field when I create a task (especially on my iPhone).


I think this is what happens when you do not assign a defer date in a Single Action List/Parallel project vs. a Sequential project.

If the task resides in a Single Action list or a Parallel project, the task will be available. You can see this in any perspective that shows available tasks.

if the task resides in a Sequential project, it will become available as soon as the previous tasks have been completed.

So if I have this sequential project:

  1. Unlock car door
  2. Insert car key into ignition
  3. Start up the car.

Only task #1 (unlock car door) is available. Tasks 2 and 3 will not be available until I complete task 1. When Task 1 is complete, Task #2 becomes available. When Task 2 is completed, Task #3 becomes available.

Assign a defer date only if you want to start a task on a future date.

Here is a custom perspective that shows all available tasks that are not blocked.

There is a way to set default defer times and default due times in the preferences panel.

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