Automatic Numbering from 1. in Omnifocus?

Hello Dear Community,

I want to number my tasks in OF beginning from one. Actually it is a checklist and I am used to have numbers for my checklists. However adding hte numbers manually takes long, especially if i move the items within the checklist. Also I dont want to use another app for this and definetly want to stay withing OF because of tags and defer dates etc. Does anybody have an idea for this? Thank you!

This is easily done using Omni Automation! :-)

I threw together the following plugin and I think it will do what you need. If you need to re-generate the numbers (for example if you move things around) you simply run it again and it should put the numbers back in order for you. (If you have tasks that already start with numbers followed by a period, this won’t work, but I don’t imagine that would be the case.)

Plugin file: NumberTasks.omnijs (593 Bytes)
You should, I think, just be able to open the file and OmniFocus will offer to install it. (I believe a Pro version of OmniFocus might also be required.)

Code here:

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