Automatic Scheduling: Open Questions


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we are currently evaluating OmniPlan for our agency.
There are two open questions regarding the automatic scheduling:

For the questions I want to concentrate on the first two tasks (1.1. & 1.2.) in the example.
We tested this on May 8th during the day. For testing this is the only Project and the resource is not booked anywhere else.

  1. How is the current day handled? Why is there no open work planned for the day? Should this somehow work on exact times or only on daily basis? Is this configurable?

  2. We assumed that we should continue with the second half of our second task (1.2) on May 10th. Why is the progress we already made ignored for the scheduling?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Do not hesitate to ask for additional information.

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Currently, leveling in OmniPlan schedules uncompleted tasks to start at the beginning of the next work period if “Don’t schedule any task before today (or Current Editing Date, if set)” is checked in the leveling dialog. If you’d like work to be scheduled for the day currently in progress with this option enabled, you’ll need to set your current editing date to yesterday’s date via Project > Set Current Editing Date… in the menu bar.

This is a scheduling scenario that OmniPlan doesn’t handle super well. Essentially, the dependency between task 1.1 and 1.2 tells OmniPlan that task 1.2 can’t start until task 1.1 has been fully completed. However, it looks like you’ve marked part of task 1.2 completed even though task 1.1 has finished (essentially overriding that part of the scheduling logic). I’m not sure sure what more logical behavior would be here though - it sounds like you were expecting the S->F dependency to shift to the start of the remaining uncompleted work task 1.2?