Automating assigning a context to inbox items

Hey great group here. I love this forum. So I have search for an answer to this but cant figure out if it is possible. Yet with all the scripts we can use with omnifocus pro I would imagine someone knows how.

So I have been trying to use Omnifocus to manage my woocommerce orders. I have it setup to Mail drop a new order to omnifocus. I also have a context called orders and a perspective for the same.
The orders perspective does a search for the words "“New Customer Order” and if it find that it will show it in the perspective. My only thing is items in the inbox cant be searched for apparently because if they are in the inbox they dont show up in my custom perspective.

My idea was if there was some how to automate context assigning. I was hoping i could use the search feature to find inbox items and label them a context. yet I cant figure out how. does anyone know a idea to get this working better?

Inbox items should show up in your Orders perspective. As far as I can tell, the Inbox can be searched both using the search feature and through the “Find text” perspective field.

If you’d like to further automate things, Joe Buhlig created this script that parses the Inbox:

You would need to use something like Zapier to add some text to the subject line that tells the script what project and context to use, but I think this should be possible.

I hope this helps.

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus

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hmm that is odd. Ya the items in my inbox at least the order ones dont want to show up in the custom perspective. Maybe I have some setting that is not set correctly…

  • UPDATE -
    It was the settings I had. I didnt notice I had some of the “Focus” Items set and I guess inbox wasnt one of them or something but I uncheck them all and changed a few things and got it working.
    Now if i can just figure out who to automate tagging those orders when they hit the inbox with the contex order
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