Automating completed tasks to spreadsheet

I’m trying to keep track of completed tasks for a specific project in some kind of table or spreadsheet. I’m coming to Todoist and one of the helpful features was the ability to use IFTTT to automatically put completed tasks of a project into a Google Drive spreadsheet, with the date on one column and the task in another.

Has anyone figured out a way to do automatically move the completed OmniFocus task/date to a row in some kind of table (whether in a single Evernote note or Google Spreadsheet etc), perhaps via Keyboard Maestro or some kind of Apple Script?

I don’t know about automation, but you can export a perspective to a .csv (File -> Export…), so you could make a repeating task to conduct an export?

Or smarter people than me could maybe sort out a way of scheduling this automagically.


Hello! I coincidentally saw this shared on Twitter today. Hope it helps!

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This is great – thanks for sharing! I haven’t quite gotten the script to work, but for those interested, here’s a slightly easier (though less automated solution) that I’ve created:

Using Keyboard Maestro, I’ve created a macro that looks like this:

Trigger: [string of words entered]

Action steps for KM:

  1. Open url to google drive spreadsheet
  2. Wait 3 seconds [i click on date box in spreadsheet]
  3. Textexpander snippet pastes today’s date automatically
  4. I then type in task (can also add an action that pastes clipboard if I copy task first)