Automation: Change content of a selected task?

I want to use OF automation (through Workflow) to change the title, context, or dates of a selected task. Is this possible in any way? As near as I can tell, with the current syntax, all that we can hope to do is add new tasks (or projects or folders), not change the content of existing ones.


Not that I have done this, just thinking what may be possible with the URL scheme: Couldn’t you share the task you want to change via OF to a workflow extension that parses the URL, makes the change and sends the URL back to OF? I think all the pieces are there to accomplish this.

I am not sure why this would be a “thing”. Surely if you have the URL of the task you have access to it anyway. I know OF automation is the buzz at the moment and I can see it being useful for templating when OSX is not available but sometimes is it just not quicker and easier to go in and change an entry manually? Split screen on an iPad has really brought a new dimension to iOS especially on larger Pro models.

I suspect they are or they are not. The key is whether the paste action will overwrite the currently selected URL (task) or whether it will create a new task. I want confirmation before I head down a dead end.

I want to change a task this way …

do something [context: do]


do something > dropped [context: dropped]

I can do this on the desktop with an Applescript icon. I want the same “one step process” on my iPad. This is not an easy change to make manually on the iPad. I end up having to cross-reference back to my desktop to handle the changes.

Eventually, when OF allows “dropped” as a context for Tasks (in addition to Projects), the process would be done in one-step.


Give it a try and report back to us what you discover!

The paste action only creates new items, it never updates an existing task. I agree that it would be useful to be able to automate edits to existing tasks, but it’s not at the top of our roadmap yet.

Thank you. I’ll look for a notice when the edit action is available.